In-flight communications is coming to America - at last! We want to know what you think about this technology, even if you don't fly in the USA. The proposition of in-flight communications is a reality that will soon be found everywhere. Will the in-flight communications be a boon to your travel or a bust?

Please share your opinion with us by answering these few questions. Thank you.

US in-flight connectivity - boon or bust?
1If you could have in-flight high-speed Internet access, how often would you make use of it?
2All things being equal (price, mileage program benefits, etc) would in-flight WiFi be a critical factor in your selection of an airline?
3How do you feel about high-speed in-flight Internet access?
4Will you upgrade your PDA or cell phone (Blackberry, etc.) to WiFi capability to use it in-flight?
5Which technology is more important to you?
6Will in-flight communications make you more productive?
7Approximately how many hours do you fly per month?
8Approximately how many work hours could you recover by using in-flight communications?
9Approximately how much is each loaded work hour worth in US$/hour?
10How would like to pay for in-flight communications?
11Based on your selection above, what do you think is a reasonable cost for in-flight communications in US$?
12Do you want to be able to make voice calls in-flight?
Some quick demographics please
13Where do you live?
14Your occupation?
Thank you.